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London MLE Login Information

​Which Login am I are using?

The LGfL USO format is the same as for Staffmail or Londonmail (e.g. jrobinson23.304). Anything else will likely be a Fronter username.

1.) How do I login with USO?

If your school is using a USO login format a simple way to login is from the LGfL homepage by clicking on the "login to your LGfL Services" button.

LGfL Homepage Screenshot Focusing On Quick Launch Icons
You will be prompted to login with your USO username and password.

USO Login Screen

This will then present you with all the applications you are entitled to use, including the London MLE. Direct access to services or content will only show a USO login screen.

LGfL Application Launcher Screenshot

2.) Logging in without USO

If your school is not using USO, or hasn't linked USO to the London MLE yet, you won't be able to access the LMLE in the above way. Instead you be probably be using a default URL that presents you with a Fronter login screen. Note that your Fronter login will still work but subsequent access to other LGfL services or content may prompt for a USO login.

Fronter Login Screen

A full USO briefing document including the compatible MIS systems and details on how to obtain USO is available.