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  • ​Free to all LGfL 2.0 connected schools
  • Fully-functional Outlook Web Access mail interface with support for full and ‘lite’ web clients.
  • Accessible via Microsoft Outlook 2003 - 2016.
  • Accessible from mobile clients on compatible mobile phones and tablets.
  • StaffMail provides users with 10GB of mailbox space as standard.
  • StaffMail can support email attachments up to a maximum message size of 20MB.
  • Employs a highlyresilient, LGfL-hosted, Microsoft Exchange 2013 email platform.
  • Inbound and outbound email scanned by the LGfL Email Content Control service.
  • StaffMail supports personal and shared calendars and address books.

​This service is provided free to all LGfL 2.0 connected schools.
On logging in to a StaffMail account using Microsoft Outlook 2003 - 2016, users will be provided with the full functionality of a Microsoft Exchange account, offering email, personal and shared calendars, plus personal and shared address books. When accessing the service with a web browser (via Outlook Web Access), tablet or other mobile device, users will receive an experience tailored by the application or the device.


Telephone: 020 82 555 555 option 3