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Remote Access v3

A secure, authenticated and auditable Remote Access solution that allows schools to control the extent of the network access available to each member of staff while physically away from the school site.​

Secure service for all staff

RAv3 allows staff to connect securely into their school’s local network via an easy-to-use web interface using the same familiar set of user credentials as other core services such as email.

School level control

Different levels of external access to a school’s network can be configured for school staff via the LGfL Support Site. Schools are able to configure the following access for staff users:

  • Access to an intranet or a secure internal website
  • Access to shared drives on the network or a user’s home area
  • Access to a static IP address, which is contacted via an RDP-type connection but which works through a web browser. The user simply clicks on a pre-configured link to be presented with the login screen of their office-based computer
  • Access to a static IP address via a VNC connection
  • Access to a non-static IP via an RDP connection

School technical staff can also configure full VPN remote network access for themselves or other network administrators.

Easy-to-use service for all

Once access has been configured, users log in to the front end via a web browser and click on ordinary web links to access the resources that have been made available to them. Users do not need a high degree of technical ability in order to make use of the functionality.

RAv3 Secure Remote Access is available to all LGfL schools as part of their LGfL 2.0 subscription.

Information, guidance and safeguards on the use of remote access products is available. ​ LGfL Security Guidance​

The online user guide for Remote Access v3 can be found here: (Note: You will need to log in with your USO to be able to access)  


Telephone: 020 82 555 555 option 3​