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                                Foundation Stage 

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KS1 KS1 English KS1 Maths KS1 Science KS1 ICT KS1 Art KS1 Citizenship KS1 Design & Technology KS1 History KS1 Geography KS1 MFL KS1 Music KS1 PE & Dance KS1 PSHE KS1 RE
KS2 KS2 English KS2 Maths KS2 Science KS2 ICT KS2 Art KS2 Citizenship KS2 Design & Technology KS2 History KS2 Geography KS2 MFL KS2 Music KS2 PE & Dance KS2 PSHE KS2 RE
KS3 KS3 English KS3 Maths KS3 Science KS3 ICT KS3 Art KS3 Citizenship KS3 Design & Technology KS3 History KS3 Geography KS3 MFL KS3 Music KS3 PE & Dance KS3 PSHE KS3 RE
KS4 KS4 English KS4 Maths KS4 Science KS4 ICT KS4 Art KS4 Citizenship KS4 Design & Technology KS4 History KS4 Geography KS4 MFL KS4 Music KS4 PE & Dance KS4 PSHE KS4 RE