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The LGfL Schools' Conference 2016 is on 11 April. 

Go to the next tab (or click here​) for more information or to sign up.

Technical event

An event aimed at staff responsible for managing the most technical areas of your LGfL subscription will take place in early June. Details will appear here in due course. ​

Regular LGfL training

LGfL supplier Atomwide provides a free day of training for the Nominated Contacts who manage your LGfL services so that you can make the most fromyour subscription and all that it includes, as well as some additional options. See the LGfL Training tab above for the courses currently available​.

​​ ​​

​The annual LGfL Schools' Conference will take place this year on 11 April 2016 at the Mermaid Conference Centre, Blackfriars, from 9.30 (registration opens at 8.30) until 4pm. 

Places are free (including lunch!) for attendees from LGfL schools*, but are limited to the capacity of the venue, so book soon.

Following the success of this format at last year's event, there will once again be two conferences taking place at the same time:

- A Curriculum strand for teachers and school leaders who wish to develop further their appreciation of how new technologies can support teaching and attainment, and learn more about the LGfL portfolio and integrating online resources into everyday teaching practice. (NB - delegates at this event will be asked to express preferences for the seminars below when they sign up to the event.)

- A Services strand for those who want to focus on the technical services available to all LGfL-subscribing schools. Last year this session was highly popular with School Business Managers looking to draw greater value from the LGfL service, and while many Network Managers attend this event, the technical expertise expertise assumed of delegates is that of an average teacher with an interest in school technical services. 
NB: An event aimed at staff responsible for managing the most technical areas of your LGfL subscription will take place in early June.
 Details will appear here in due course. ​

​Booking is now open at

You can read more about both events on the following tabs; please download this flyer​ to share with colleagues to publicise the event..

* Delegates' schools will only be charged (£85 +VAT) if they do not attend and have not given due notice of cancellation.​


LGfL is delighted to announce the following keynotes at the Curriculum Conference:

-​ 'Computational Thinking Unplugged' by Paul Curzon, Professor of Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London, National Teaching Fellow 

- 'Best Practice in Computing' by Phil Bagge, Computing Inspector & Advisor, CAS South Coordinator/Facilitator, Primary Computing Master Teacher 

- 'What it Means, Where It’s Working, Why It’s Time'​ by Hall Davidson, Discovery Education 

The seminars will take place in three blocks as described below. When registering, you will be asked to sign up for one seminar from each block.

1. LGfL learning resources for Primary teachers 
2. CyberPass, the​ trackable online-safety diagnostic tool 
3. LGfL resources for SEND learners 
4. Secondary session: AppMaker, WebTech Tutor and (NEW) Assessment Builder 
5. Set up a CyberMentors scheme in your school 

6. Discovery Education: Strategies for using digital media in the classroom (Secondary) 
7. Deep learning with augmented reality
8. Cyber security - why does it matter? 
10. Primary session: AppMaker, WebTech Tutor and (NEW) Assessment Builder 
11. Early Years resources (featuring 2016 BusyThings update!!) 

12. LGfL learning resources for Secondary teachers 
13. Discovery Education: Strategies for using digital media in the classroom (Primary) 
14. Make the most of Mathspace 
15. Online safety / safeguarding​
16. Counter-Extremism - school duties and opportunities

Secure your place now at​.

​ ​​​

A key focus of the Services conference will be the recently published Department for Education document Keeping Children Safe in Education. LGfL representatives will explain how to best use LGfL services that can identify children accessing or trying to access harmful and inappropriate content online.

There will also be sessions on new and updated services such as TrustMail and MyDrive

Seminar options for the day include:

- VoIP

- Wireless

- Video Conferencing using HD Webcams

- GridStore

- Sophos​​

The conference will provide the opportunity to become more conversant with the wide range of value services which are included with the LGfL broadband service; the list below may be taken as a guide to the topics which will be covered.

These include:

- Web filtering
- Firewall Security
- TrustMail
- Network Monitoring
- StaffMail
- Remote Access (RAV3)
- MyDrive
- Adsync
- Email provisioning
- VoIP services
- Grid Store
- Email filtering
- MIS integration
- Microsoft Integration Google Integration 
- myUSO
- Mobile Apps (ParentComms)
- Content Delivery
- Wifi services
- USOfx
- USO authentication
- Mobile Devices

Registration is open now at​​

​​Presentations from the 2015 Conference:

If you would like to revisit the presentations from your favourite speakers (or those you missed!) at the 2015 LGfL Conference, see below.

Please note that not all presentations will be here, as some are less meaningful without the explanation of the speaker; in addition, some of our speakers quite understandably requested that their intellectual property be protected by us not sharing the slides.

Curriculum Strand

Keynote: Steve Wheeler - Plymouth University - Digital Learning Futures​

Keynote: Sarah Khan ​- Inspire - Safeguarding Children from Extremism​

Keynote: David Brown HMI - Ofsted - Inspection, computing and e-safety in schools​​

Bob Usher - LGfL - Primary Resources Update​​

Bob Usher - LGfL - Secondary Resources Update

Claire Lotriet - The New Computing Curriculum​

Danny Young - j2e - The j2e Tools​

Belinda Evans - 3BM - Early Years and making the most of LGfL learning resources​​

Oli Trussell - Innovative Approaches to Teaching Maths​​

Jo Dilworth - LGfL - LGfL and SEND​​

Matt Parkes Neil Taylor - LEGO - LEGO, LGfL and the National Curriculum​

Darryl Bedford - Reaching all Learners​

Max Wainewright - App Maker

Max Wainewright - Web Tech Tutor​

Max Wainewright - KS3 Python Tutor

Katy Potts - Islington ICT - Managing the risk of exposure to extremism and radicalisation​

Mark Bentley - LGfL - E-Safety and the new CyberPass​

Link to Ofsted 'E-Safety Inspection Guidance' referenced by Mark Bentley and David Brown HMI (NB - Mr Brown said the document was no longer official in so far as Ofsted no longer publish such documents, but added that it was still a very useful document to reference).​

Services' Strand

Nick Shea - Atomwide - LGfL_Services_Overview

Leeanne O'Connor - LGfL - Bandwidth_Graphs_&_Upgrades

Paul McKinnon - Atomwide - myUSO_&_myDrive

Inna Shaykis - Atomwide - WebScreen_Configuring_&_Managing_Web_Filtering

Nick Shea - Atomwide - ParentComms/Parental_Engagement_Tools

Dre​w Tibble - LGfL - Video Conferencing​​

Kim Talbot - Atomwide - VoIP & WiFi

Mark Bentley - LGfL - Learning Resources update for Services Strand​​ (you may also want to refer to Bob Usher's presentations (above in the Curriculum Strand), which are Primary or Secondary-specific.


Click here for presentations and resources from the last year's Technical Conference in June - the full-day conference provided a rich programme of information, updates, ‘what’s coming?’, and other features, essential to those responsible for supporting LGfL services and systems within schools.  

2014-04-28 09.35.44-2.jpg

Feedback from attendees confirmed that the full day conference in April 2014 was a huge success again this year. Once more it was over subscribed and was even described by delegates as "The best LGfL conference yet". It featured a rich and varied programme with keynote speakers and seminars on a range of key and relevant topics including the new computing curriculum. Presentations and audio of key sessions are now available...



2013 - Audio and resources

conf 2012.png    
2012 Audio and resources

Primary Conferences



Secondary Conferences


Technicians Conferences




eSafety Conference

LGfL partner Atomwide provides a free day of training for the Nominated Contacts who manage your LGfL services so that you can make the most from your subscription. Visit the LGfL Support Site for more information and to book a place (a selection is shown below). 


  • Course: Training for Primary School Nominated Contacts (non-technical staff) - New course date available 1/3
  • Course: Training for Primary School Nominated Contacts (for technical staff) - New course date available 3/3
  • Course: Training for Secondary School Nominated Contacts - New course date available 8/3
  • Course: Web filtering using WebScreen 2.0 for Nominated Contacts - New course date available 10/3