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Since 2011, LGfL and Mangahigh have jointly offered a Universal Sign On (USO) service to LGfL connected schools whereby students and teachers could use their LGfL login details to seamlessly set up and use accounts on Mangahigh.  This USO service was designed to streamline the administration of student accounts and make it easier for teachers to use the Mangahigh resource in classrooms.  We hope you had the opportunity to use the service and found it useful.
Unfortunately, for technical reasons related to the differing ways in which individual account details are processed by the two sites, it is no longer feasible to maintain the integration with LGfL USO and the current access via USO will continue to function only until 31st July 2013.
If you are an active user of the Mangahigh service and currently using LGfL USO to gain access, you may wish to contact requesting they provide the necessary assistance to migrate your school from USO linked accounts, or to create a new school entity on Mangahigh.

Access Details

The USO integration with LGfL USO will cease on the 31st July 2013.