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Learning Resources


LGfL provides high-quality learning resources as part of its service to London Schools. All content is showcased and explained at ​

Resources are safe, secure and reliable, enabling London teachers to incorporate them into their daily teaching and children’s learning, whether in or out of school. 

There are ​LGfL Content Booklets and Overview Videos for staff meetings in the next tab

Resources are provided to support a range of curriculum models, with an emphasis on quality and relevance, promoting standards and achievement across London Schools. They span all curriculum areas and Key Stages and include:

  • Resource banks
  • Teacher guidance material
  • Online applications
  • Independent student resources
  • Creative tools
  • Exclusive access into historic artefacts with expert guidance

 LGfL content mission statement

Content News
Balletboyz / LGfL event at Sadlers WellsEvent to launch new contemporary dance resource
Trust Me launched at Islington Town HallCritical-thinking skills for Primary and Secondary
NEW - live now: j2dataPictogram / chart / branch / database / vote
LGfL's Maya expert turns mythbusterDr Diane Davies uncovers the stories that even major news outlets accept
Materials here are designed to help promote the range of content that LGfL has to o​ffer within your school.
The key message for teachers planning and looking for resources is "Have you looked on LGfL?"

The booklets can be ordered in hard copy from LGfL, free of charge, by contacting
The latest overview videos of the content on LGfL are available below and make an ideal way to promote LGfL content within a staff meeting.

​​LGfL Primary Content Booklet LGfL Secondary Content Booklet
Click the image above to view;​
right-click here to download
Click the image above to view;
right-click here to download
Primary Content O​verview Video Secondary Content Overview Video​​


Bob Usher
Content Manager
07966 627 907
Please email me when making initial contact


Learning Resource Suggestions for the LGfL

The LGfL Content Manager is employed by LGfL on behalf of the all the 33 London Education Authorities to support and expedite the work of the LGfL Content Editorial Board.
The Content Manager ensures that the strategic development plans of the Editorial Board are achieved in the short, medium and long term.

You can email the content manager if you have any suggestions for online content which the LGfL Editorial Board might want to consider. Please review the documents below before making any suggestions.  

Developing new Partnerships with 'not for profit' organisations
LGfL has developed new partnerships with ‘not for profit’ organisations that have their own responsibility / interest in developing education resources for the schools audience. LGfL can offer content development opportunities using LGfL technologies and hosting new co-developed content on LGfL servers; authenticating access for school users connected via other Learning Grids making up the National Education Network.

LGfL purchase of existing commercial content
In the first instance, all potential online content must undergo an initial evaluation process by the Content Manager in which it will be assessed against submission criterion.

The Content Manager has limited availability for meetings with commercial and non commercial organisations who wish to offer online content that will assist LGfL in achieving its strategic content development aims.
The Content Manager’s diary operates several months in advance at all times – so it is not usually possible to accommodate meeting requests at short notice.

If proposed content is assessed by the Content Manager to be suitable for consideration by the Editorial Board, a proposal will be invited for consideration at a subsequent Editorial Board meeting. Meetings of the Editorial Board are held quarterly and all documentation is sent out to board members at least one week prior to each meeting.

Publishers with material to offer that fits within the LGfL strategic content development aims may contact the LGfL Content Manager; however, for the avoidance of wasted time for both parties it is strongly advised to ensure that the content and terms offered meet LGfL criteria before making contact.

Summary of the decision making process


Mobile technology and LGfL resources


LGfL Learning Resources and mobile devices

The LGfL Learning Resources portfolio has been built over 10 years, and contains a wide range of different types of resources which use a variety different online technologies.

Historically, many of online content developers have relied on Adobe Flash technology to provide user interactivity, animations and video on some LGfL content. The decision by Apple to not allow Adobe Flash to work on Apple iOS mobile devices has restricted the availability on many LGfL Learning resources on their devices.

What LGfL resources audit 2012 can be used on Apple iOS  devices?

Appendix 1​ is a summary audit of the existing LGfL  Learning Resources and describes the functionality possible on mobile devices and shows:mobile devices.jpg


  • Main content that works on Apple mobile devices
  • Video that plays on Apple mobile devices
  • Embed codes for videos provided*


The LGfL Strategy for the future of LGfL online learning resources on mobile devices

For the majority of online educational resource providers the cost of re-coding their existing products for existing customers is prohibitive. For the same reasons, LGfL has been unable to justify the expense in commissioning ‘non flash’ versions of existing LGfL Learning Resources.

In 2011, LGfL started work on new Learning Resources where mobile device compatibility was factored into the design from the start. A new video delivery system was also developed to deliver higher quality video content that optimised not only to the speed of connection, but also to the type of device viewing the content.

The LGfL Learning Resources that have the highest compatibility with all platforms are the most recent LGfL content titles – that have been produced ‘in house’ by LGfL e.g. the Royal Mews, Everyone Matters, ReadingZone and The Romans in London and Broadcast Engineering and Maths.

Many content providers now produce their resources without Flash content – choosing to use other technologies such as HTML5 or Java instead. Busy Things have a successful range of Apple iOS app titles.

Recent (free) iOS apps linked to LGfL services are:


skydrive-app.jpg ​
Microsoft Skydrive  app
LGfL London mail account details can be used to access the Skydrive files ​
J2E app​ ​
​LGfL USO accounts can be used to access the J2E online tool, allowing publishing directly from the iOS device. This app makes full use of the built in camera on apple mobile devices


LGfL will continue to monitor the changes to the way in which teachers and learners access and use online learning resources and where practical and affordable, will endeavour to deliver new content in formats that can be viewed on any online device.


The London MLE and mobile devices


  • The Fronter learning platform works fully on Apple iOS devices (eg iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) in the browser since January 2012 when the upgraded java text editor was implemented.
  • Fronter has mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android platforms. (Read more....)
  • All new Fronter developments have a 'mobile first' strategy - so mobile use is considered from the outset on any developments.
  • Fronter does not use any Adobe flash functionality on the Learning Platform.


For further information about LGfL Learning Resources and strategies for the future please contact:

Bob Usher
Content Manager
London Grid for Learning Trust,
CI Tower, St Georges Square, New Malden, KT3 4TE