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Curriculum Central Case Study ​

Making best use of online resources...
‘The sheer range, quality and variety of resources available from LGfL is staggering…’

Andrew King  - Headteacher – Chase bridge Primary School – Richmond LA

​LGfL has produced a case study demonstrating how a primary school has placed LGfL Learning Resource at the foundation of their approach to supporting the revised National Curriculum and the positives outcomes achieved.​ 

05-09-2014 10-30-35.png05-09-2014 10-31-02.png 05-09-2014 10-31-19.png 05-09-2014 10-31-31.png
  • Videos include: 
  • LGfL Case Study: (Long version 7 mins 21 secs)
    Using LGfL’s History of Computing resource to introduce coding at KS2 
    Using the LGfL Maths Revision Suite powered by Mathspace to prepare Year 6 children for their SATS exams
    Using LGfL’s ReadingZone Live to support reading activities and discussions at KS2​


​The LGfL Trust is a consortium of the 33 London local authorities and 2,500 schools working together to provide NEN_P_4CP new 2011x50.jpgextensive and cost effective ICT services. By using a LGfL school broadband connection, schools have access to a wide range of services and premium primary and secondary teaching and learning resources.