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Latest News Article: LGfL launches tve:Relay

relay.pngLGfL launches tve:Relay - a new resource about how young people across the world communicate their ideas about the environment

Originally produced in partnership between tve and Bloomberg, the original tve: Relay saw 22 young people from across the global create short videos about issues of concern to them about the environment. The relay started in the UK – and then the relay challenge worked its way around 22 different countries. Each video provides a different focus, style and message, offering a unique insight into a range of issues that matter to the next generation.

Some videos are made about concerns in other parts of the world, and other focus on issues closer to home.

The relay has been brought to LGfL, and encourages London children to create their own relay by uploading videos about environmental issues that concern them. Hopefully passing the baton from school to school and ending up on the London Relay video section of the resource. 

Some humorous, some minimalist, some complex and some simple……. each video offers a unique message about issues of concern to children around the world.  

“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to partner with the London Grid for Learning to enable 11-14 year olds to be inspired by the tve:Relay films. It is great that young people in the UK will have the opportunity to explore some of the key challenges and threats facing our precious planet today, through the creativity of filmmakers and animators around the world. It has been a pleasure to work with the team at the London Grid for Learning and we have really appreciated their enthusiasm and interest in the Relay project” – Cheryl Campbell, executive director, tve.

‘The transfer of the tve:Relay onto LGfL allows the young people of London the chance to express themselves to a wider audience about the issues that concern them about the environment. The linked curriculum resource material offers a range of support for related activities for teachers to engage their students and create their own video presentation…passing the baton on to other schools to pick up and run with’– Bob Usher, LGfL Content Manager


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