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Latest News Article: NEW: Mult-e-Maths update

Today at the South-West London (Merton) LGfL Roadshow (if you want to find out more about Why LGfL? - check out the remaining roadhsows here​) Content Manager Bob Usher launched the updated Mult-e-Maths resource to an audience of school leaders.

Mult-e-Maths has been popular on LGfL for many years, but the KS2 interactive-whiteboard resource has had a total refresh and rebuild, with new activities, lesson plans and worksheets to accompany the IWB activities that are now compatible with all devices.

The resource has between 7 and 9 modules for each of Year 3-6, with between 40 and 50 lessons for each year group. The IWB activities can be manipulated with a series of flexible tools that will be familiar to the Maths teacher, giving the flexibility to transform and add to the graphs and objects in a variety of ways.

To visit the resource, visit​

Multemaths screenshot
Multemaths screenshotMultemaths screenshot


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