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Latest News Article: Planning ideas for September

Schemes of Work imageThe summer holidays are nearly upon us, and teachers will be busy with schemes of work for September. Now is a good time to remind yourself of some LGfL resources and how you might incorporate them into your planning.

Remember that if you have a particular area of the curriculum where you might need new resources, then Curriculum Central allows you to filter resources by individual National Curriculum descriptor! And if you want to browse all resources by subject or Key Stage, then visit Showcase.

It is not possible to cover all resources here, so please do browse for your subject or KS, but here are some tips for easy including in your schemes of work.

NB - the following require a login if not in-school; if you are not an LGfL user, please check out the individual resources on Showcase.

Computing & e-safety:

Primary - WebTech Tutor for teaching HTML, CSS, JavaScript and search engines to KS2; webified Primary CAS​ document for general advice on teaching Computing; j2e tools in the LGfL Creative Toolkit for all levels; History of Computing for KS2. And in e-safety, remember has templates for policies, AUPs and much more; and KS2 CyberPass has been having tens of thousands of page turns in its beta format.

Already using Switched on Computing? SoC scheme of work mapped to LGfL resources is available here (NB this mapping was created in 2014 and does not include all the latest Computing resources).

Secondary - NEW Python Tutor for KS3, History of Computing up to KS5; j2Codewebified Secondary CAS document for general advice on teaching Computing​.
And in e-safety, remember has templates for policies, AUPs and much more​


Primary - Maths at Home for busy parents - the name says it all, but each video is a handy revision video for home and the classroom - across the entire Primary Curriculum. And remember Mathspace, with Ofsted-pleasing feedback on mistakes and incorrectly answered questions broken down into easier parts

Secondary - Cornerstone Maths for KS3 - research-based modules alongside CPD opportunities from Nuffield and UCL IoE, for traditionally hard-to-grasp ideas in the areas of linear functions, geometric similarity and patterns and expressions. Also don't forget KS3 and KS4 trackable revision suites in Mathspace


Primary - Switched on Science​ gives complete coverage of the entire KS1 and KS2 curriculum! With 36 teacher guide videos, interactive exercises, pupil worksheets, ideas for differentiation, and much more.

RE, PSHE & Citizenship:


Primary & Secondary - ReadingZone Live is not just about reading (but it certainly is!), but has plenty of curriculum advice for writing, story arcs, poetry, illustration, genre, character, and much more - with famous children's authors for all ages.

Cross-Curricular Classics:


Polar Exploration (Design, English, Geography, History, ICT, Mathematics, Science)
The Tudors in London (KS2 Art, Design, English, Geography, History, Mathematics)
The Romans in London​ (KS1 & 2 Art, Design, English, History)


The M Room (English & History - the story of bugging German Generals during WWII)
Polar Exploration (KS3 & GCSE English, Geography/History crossover)
The Tudors in London​ (KS3 & GCSE English, History, PSHE)


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